Franchise With Us

What Amount I Have To Pay To Get A Franchise?

An initial amount of $15,000 is to be paid as a franchise fee for Express Model and $19,500 for Standard Mode to get Eyebrow Threading Franchise for EyebrowRus salon.

What Does My Franchise Fee Cover?

It includes developing a customized local affiliate web page for your Eyebrow Threading Franchise Salon on our home website. You will also get a proprietary Operations Manual, ten days of comprehensive training for the Standard Model Business plan, or five days of training for the Express Model business at our corporate office. It also includes […]

What Is The EyebrowRus Royalty Fee?

The Royalty fee for Express Model is 4.5% or a flat $300 per month. Similarly, for the Standard Model, it is 4.5% or a flat $800 per month.

What Is The Initial Investment I Have To Make To Become The EyebrowRus Franchisee?

For the Express Model, the initial investment could be anywhere between $21,350 and $56,830. For the Standard Model, the initial investment may vary from $81,410 to $141,250.

How Much Time Does It Take To Open The EyebrowRus Franchise?

If you plan to open an EyebrowRus Salon Franchise, your site can become operational in 2-3 weeks after you have signed the Franchise Agreement. On the other side, if you plan to operate a standalone Standard or Express Model, it may take up to 6 months for your Eyebrows Threading Franchise Salon to become operational.

What Are The Basic Differences In Express And Standard Business Models?

Apart from the difference in Franchise fees of the two business models, the Eyebrows Express business Model offers Eyebrow threading and Henna Tattoos. The Express Model is meant for existing salons or Spa and provides an excellent opportunity to increase business and customer satisfaction. On the other hand, EyebrowsRus Standard Franchise Model includes Eyebrow threading […]

For Which Places The EyebrowRus Threading Franchise Is Available For Sale?

EyebrowRus Franchise is available for sale in many states and territories, which includes Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, California, Georgia, Delaware, Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri, Mississippi, Nevada, Montana, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Ohio, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Texas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Vermont, Wyoming, Puerto Rico and District of Columbia and U.S. Virgin Islands.