How To Stop Hair Fall And Promote Hair Regrowth

Hair loss is a common problem that people face. It’s not just about looking good, but it affects the self-esteem and confidence levels of an individual. It can also be a very embarrassing problem to talk about with anyone. It is also an embarrassing problem to experience in public – people might think that there is something wrong with your health.

Here, we will explore the causes of hair fall and some effective ways to control hair fall and promote hair growth.

Main Reasons For Hairfall

Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies are the number one cause of hair loss. Hair follicles can’t grow properly on a diet that is deficient in the following nutrients: iron, vitamin A, B12, and DHA. Numerous studies have shown that a lack of zinc or B12 can cause hair loss. These nutrients help in the production of sebum, which is an important factor in keeping your hair healthy and shiny. The most common symptoms include thinning hair and dryness of the scalp.


Pollution is on the rise, and it is affecting our health in a dangerous way. One of the consequences of pollution is hair loss due to dryness on your scalp. Hair comes from dead cells on the scalp, which cause dryness. If these cells are constantly being damaged by pollution, they will eventually stop producing new hair. As a result, more of your hair will be lost, more of your scalp will be exposed to air, and it makes it easier for more pollutants to get into your hair follicles.


Hair loss can be caused by genetics, illness, using hair products that are not targeted for your ethnic hair type, or trauma. If you are experiencing hair loss due to genetics, it is crucial that you speak with a dermatologist to ensure the healthiest of options.

Hairfall control hair regrowth


Hair loss due to stress is a common issue faced by men and women. But for men, the condition is more likely to happen than for women. Hair loss due to stress is often caused by scalp inflammation, hormonal changes in the body, or nutritional deficiencies that affect the overall health of the individual.

Stress can be early onset or late onset, which leads to different reasons for hair loss. The stress hormone cortisol may cause hair loss because it can interrupt the growth cycle of hair follicles.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hair loss due to hormonal imbalance happens when the hormones get out of balance and can result in hair thinning or baldness. Hormones play a major role in the health and appearance of a woman. When they are balanced, one can be healthy and have a healthy diet while maintaining a good physique. Some women experience hair loss due to hormonal imbalance because they are going through menopause or going through childbirth for the first time.

Hairfall control and hair regrowth


Hair loss is a common and embarrassing issue for people of all ages. Although, It is more common among people as they grow older. It affects both males and females, with the most common way of hair loss being from male pattern baldness. Hair loss is common in women and men of different ages. The typical age for women experiencing hair loss ranges from the 30s-50s, while men typically experience the condition in the 50s-90s.

Some Effective Ways To Control Hair Fall

Regular Washing

Hairfall is a common concern for most women. But, not all women are created equal with regard to hair fall. There are some who have more hair than others and they will need more regular washing.

If you are one of those women with lots of hair, then you should find out the best way to control your hair fall without spending too much time in the shower. This can be done using the right shampoo for your type of hair.

Using a mild shampoo that doesn’t irritate the scalp might be enough for someone with fewer shedding problems, but it might not be adequate for someone who has a lot of shedding problems. And if your scalp is itchy or flaky, then you might need to wash them often as well.

Using a Good Conditioner

The use of conditioners is a way to combat hairfall. They help improve the overall health of your hair and prevent them from breaking off. There are several brands that produce conditioners in the market with different benefits.

Conditioners can provide a natural shine to your hair and make it manageable, but what really sets it apart from other products is its ability to stop your hair from breaking off due to excessive shedding. Conditioners also help in keeping your scalp healthy and prevent dandruff.

The best way to use conditioner for hairfall control would be by adding it to wet or dry hair before washing away excess water with a towel or hand-held shower head, then rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a towel or spin dry.

Regular Oiling and Message

Both Olive oil and coconut oil can be used to prevent and treat hairfall. They are ideal for those who suffer from dandruff, scalp inflammation, and dry scalp. They can be applied as a massage on your entire head as an effective way to relieve pressure on your scalp.

Olive oil prevents hair loss since it has anti-inflammatory properties that help provide relief from dryness and itching. You can also use olive oil as a natural conditioner after shampooing your hair. Similarly, Coconut oil can also be applied directly to the scalp or mixed with other products such as conditioner, shampoo, and massage oils.

Hair Wash hair Oil hair Conditioner hair control

Many people have regained their hair’s natural shine and managed to grow their hair back faster after using these oils. The major reason behind this effect is because these oils stimulate the healthy growth of keratinocytes which help in the natural healing and restoration of the damaged follicles and promote.

Eyebrow Threading

One way to prevent hair loss from the eyebrow areas is by threading eyebrows. Many people may not know that eyebrows can be threaded in order to prevent hair loss from occurring. Threading allows for maintenance of the skin around the eye area with less risk of infection than waxing. In addition, there are many benefits that come with eyebrows threading, such as it reduces sweat, oil, and dirt build-ups on the eyebrows which will help eliminate blackheads, acne breakouts, and other skin issues associated with overgrown eyebrows.

Healthy Diet & Lifestyle

Green Vegetable

Green vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which help in reducing hair fall. Green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, cabbage, and cauliflower are good options for hairfall control. These vegetables also contain vitamins A and C, which help in strengthening hair follicles.

Broccoli: It contains high levels of Vitamin C that help remove the toxins that keep the scalp healthy and prevent hair fall.

Spinach: It is high in iron content that helps boost hemoglobin levels. This nutrient also helps produce red blood cells to strengthen the blood vessels of the scalp and increase oxygen supply to the follicles.

Cabbage: It contains lutein that is helpful for preventing anemia-induced skin problems like dark circles under the eyes or wrinkles around the mouth areas.

Healthy Fruits & Vegetables for hair fall control

Fresh Fruits

There are many factors that can cause hair fall. However, there are some fruits that can prevent or control hair loss. Apple: This fruit is rich in vitamin C and pectin, which is known for its ability to stop the progression of dandruff and reduce its severity. Mangoes: this fruit has a high level of antioxidants which helps in the prevention of heart disease and cancer as well as slows down the aging process. Other fruits that you may include in your diet for hair fall control are Banana, Blackberry, Cantaloupe, Cherry, Coconut, Dates, etc.

Physical Exercise or Yoga

A study found that hair loss in men is often due to a lack of physical exercise. As a result, they have been advised to start doing some kind of exercise to avoid hair loss or other health issues.

Yoga offers an easy way to manage hair fall, which is caused due to hormonal changes related to aging. The best time for doing yoga for hairfall control is after the menstrual cycle because the body gets relaxed and rejuvenated during that time.

Women have used yoga for centuries, but it has only been recently that people have started using it for hair loss control in modern times.

Physical Exercise & Yoga for hair fall control

Things You Should Avoid!

Chemical Hair Treatments

Avoiding chemical hair treatments will make your hair healthier and more manageable. It is important to avoid chemicals that strip away natural oils and lead to dryness. Some of these chemicals include sodium chloride, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, sodium hydroxide, and hydrogen peroxide.

Chemical hair treatments are not the only cause of hairloss; they also lead to a drop in blood circulation which promotes the development of alopecia.

Avoiding chemical hair treatments can help you maintain a healthy scalp and prevent hairloss by keeping it moisturized.

Excessive Use of Styling Products

A recent study suggests that women who use styling products have a higher risk of developing hair loss. The study also found that three in four women have used styling products to combat hair loss.

While this is not an excuse for women to stop using styling products, it is important they are aware of the potential risks when they are using several different products on their heads. There are many “high-quality” shampoos and conditioners available which are designed to prevent hair loss

Avoid the temptation to try every new product that promises “miracle” results by following these guidelines: Use only one shampoo and conditioner per day. Also, use natural ingredients whenever possible to avoid commercial shampoos with sulfates

Natural Remedies To Treat Hair Fall

Green Tea

Green Tea for hairfall control is a natural remedy that can help reduce the amount of hair you lose each day.

Green tea is a popular drink in the world over and an herbal tea that was proven to have a lot of health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols. These properties make green tea beneficial for skin health and immune systems. Green Tea also helps protect our body from harmful external factors such as pollution and ultraviolet rays.

Yogurt and Honey

Honey has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It contains antioxidants, minerals, proteins, enzymes, and other nutrients that promote hair growth.

You can use it to make a homemade hair loss treatment by mixing honey with yogurt. You can also add turmeric powder to the mixture for added benefits of turmeric.

Green Tea & Aloe Vera hair fall control

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that has been used for centuries for healing purposes. It is also an effective home remedy for hairfall control.

Aloe Vera has been used by many people to stop hair loss, stimulate hair growth, and prevent hair loss. It can be applied topically by rubbing it on the scalp or swallowing the gel directly. Aloe Vera can also be mixed with other ingredients like honey or alfalfa to improve the effectiveness of the product.

Its high content of antioxidants makes it effective in treating various skin conditions.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a popular ingredient in hair care products for its ability to nourish and moisturize the scalp. It can also be used as an alternative for many commercial shampoos that are hard on the hair. Coconut milk can be used as an alternative to shampoo. However, make sure you dilute it with water before applying it to your scalp, or else it may dry out your hair. Coconut milk can also be applied to wet hair to make a natural conditioner.

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice is a great natural remedy for hairfall control. It prevents hair loss, strengthens the roots of the hair, and makes it easy to grow.

Beetroot juice is also used as a home remedy for dandruff and scalp inflammation. It increases blood flow to the head and promotes the healthy growth of scalp hairs.

Beetroot juice has a high concentration of nitrates which are essential nutrients that help in strengthening the roots of hairs and preventing hair fall.

Beetroot & Onion Juice controls hair fall

Onion Juice

Onion juice has been used for many years for its various medicinal properties. It is also known to act as a natural remedy for hairfall control due to the high sulfur content it contains. Onion extract is not only effective on hair, but it can be mixed with other ingredients like coconut oil to make it work effectively.

The extract of onion can help promote hair growth and prevent hair loss by controlling dandruff and scalp infections. Onion extract can also be used as a natural remedy for controlling excessive sweating, acne, skin burns, and fungal infections.

I hope this article helps demystify things around hair fall and some of the effective ways to control it.