100 Pieces Disposable Brushes Multifunctional


Brand   HSJH
Material   Fiber hair
Item Form   Wand
Skin Tone   All
Recommended Uses For Product   Salon


100 Pieces Disposable Brushes Multifunctional

  1. Package includes 100 pieces disposable lip brushes. Length: 7.8cm/ 3.07 inches
  2. Material: Fiber Hair. The bristles of synthetic fibers are super soft and firm and fills the eyes and lips with enough . Use the best material to ensure the durability of your product. Plenty of hair for the brush and a flexible brush handle. There is no hair removal.
  3. Portable and easy to use:  Disposable for more convenience and portable use. Can be stored in a purse or bag for cosmetics that is ideal for carrying or travel.
  4. Multi-purpose: The perfect lipstick wands to apply lip gloss chap stick, lipstick eyeshadow, and to improve your makeup. Soft bristles offer an even and smooth coverage of the lip gloss or color. This will give you the flawless look.
  5. Ideal for professional beauty salons or for use at home; ideal for makeup artists.