6 Pieces Metal Headbands Wavy Hairband Spring


Brand   Nomakk
Item Form   Spiral
Skin Type   All
Color   Black

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6 Pieces Metal Headbands Wavy Hairband Spring

  1. Chic and fashionable: 6 various styles of hairbands that make your hair appear more stylish in just a few minutes.6 Pieces Metal Headbands
  2. High-quality iron material: This black hairband is made of iron that is strong and is not prone to breaking or deformation. The premium paint surface is not only able to not break off to the band but also helps protect it from rust. It can be used for a long duration.6 Pieces Metal Headbands
  3. Protective cap made of plastic: Our elastic headband with a wavy design is protected by a plastic cap with two edges, which means it won’t harm your ears or hair, is lightweight and flexible, and doesn’t put too much tension when placed on your head. Additionally the wavy-shaped design helps keep the headband on your head without worry of falling off.
  4. Multi-purpose: uniform size, perfect for curly, straight and wavy hair of males and females. Classic and elegant design. Perfect for parties, birthdays or weddings celebrations, festivals ceremonies, and other regular occasions. They can also aid in everyday life. You can wear them while washing your face or apply a face mask while showering or perform household chores.
  5.  packing list:  includes 6 spring-like metal hair bands that are wavy are available for you to use. Top quality, be at ease when using.