Activ Range Anti Pigmentation Cream 50gm


Special Ingredients   Red Guava Extract, Black current seed oil
Item Form   Cream
Brand   Organic Harvest
Use for   Whole Body
Product Benefits   Anti-Pigmentation Cream


Activ Range Anti Pigmentation Cream 50gm

  1. Antipigmentation: This certified organic Antipigmentation Cream helps in reducing the appearance of pigmentation, decreasing Melanin production and giving the skin a healthy glow. It shields the skin from UV Damage, helps prevent Wrinkle formation and provides an even skin tone.Activ Range Anti Pigmentation
  2. Key Ingredients: Natural Red Guava Extract aids in the treatment of Acne and protects the skin from sun damage and preventing wrinkles. Natural Black Currant Seed Oil Aids in moisturizing and improves skin elasticity Reduces Dryness And Wrinkles. Organic Bearberry Extract Helps In Skin Lightening By Reducing Pigmentation And Melanin Production.Activ Range Anti Pigmentation
  3. Use: To get the best results For the best results, apply a generous amount Of Cream on Your Face and neck, massaging it on your skin with an upward motion. Do this twice per day.
  4. Certified Organic Product: It’s 100 Organic Ecocert Certified Organic Product Produced With extracts from plants. It Is Free Of Parabens, Mineral Oil And Animal Ingredients. 100 100% Vegan Skincare Cream that is cruelty-free. Skin.
  5. Riskfree Guarantee: We Guarantee Our Product