ANDY STAR Wall Mirror for Bathroom, 2 Mirror for Wall


Product Dimensions   30″L x 22″W
Material   Stainless Steel
Finish Type   Matte
Mounting Type   Back Mounted
Item Weight   19 Pounds

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ANDY STAR Wall Mirror for Bathroom Mirror for Wall

  • The best wall mirror for home: Metal rectangle that is timeless large round mirror will complement any style and room perfect. It can be used as a mirror for your bathroom, a black vanity mirror or as an entry mirror. Enhance the look of any room within your home immediately!
  • Perfect Bathroom Mirror:  inch mirror is perfect for bathrooms. The black frame gives the elegance and sophistication. The rounded edges provide a gentleness to ANDY  the design. The mirror’s polished surface provides an exquisite reflection with no distortion in the visual. The the premium MDF backing protects against corrosion in humid conditions, making it the perfect bathroom mirror.
  • Reflective Mirrors for Walls: A safety backing reinforces the glass’s surface, making it less vulnerable to breakages. Reflective glass is an excellent option for walls in homes because of its sleek appearance.
  • A Stylish luxury Black Mirror: An artistic display by itself mirror, this mirror makes stunning as a part of any decorating scheme for your home. Simple sophistication can be added to any space with this mirror that measures 22″ x 30″ floating round black metal frame mirror. ANDY  The mirror’s plate glass floats in the frame and is surrounded the thin
  • Professional Manufacturer:   20 years of production experience, export to USA VIP firms, currently selling directly to consumers. The highest quality of assuring, the best service. Top material EPA certified drop test, solid packaging, just aim to give a perfect mirror for you.