Aveeno Positively Radiant Face Cleanser 7.0 Ounce


Brand           Aveeno

Product Benefits    Skin Care, Brightening, Exfoliating

Item Weight     0.48 Pounds

Skin Type        Normal

Recommended      Brightening, Cleanser, Exfoliating

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Aveeno Positively Radiant Face Cleanser 7.0 Ounce

  1. 7-ounce tube of Aveeno radiantly brightening and radiant skin daily scrub cleanses and assists improve the texture, tone and clarity. smoother, more radiant skin
  2. The distinctive formula of this brightening facial scrub contains Soy extract that is rich in moisture and naturally-derived granules created to remove impurities and dirt off the skin’s surface
  3. Soft enough for sensitive skin It is made by combining Jojoba oil and Castor oils to give you a more smooth, even-toned, and smooth skin
  4. A dermatologist-recommended skincare brand, this face scrub is hypoallergenic and soap-free. It’s suitable for people with delicate skin and for use in everyday life It is also non-comedogenic which means it won’t block pores.
  5. This Aveeno extremely Radiant collection was designed to increase your natural radiance and create a luminous sparkle. Each of the products with soy enriched targets an even tones and textures.


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