Bamboo 1Hairbrush and Comb Set Scalp Massage


Color    Wood
Material  Bamboo
Hair Type   Curly, Fine, Thick, Thin
Brand   Boodboo
Handle Material   Wood


Bamboo 1Hairbrush and Comb Set Scalp Massage

  1. MADE FROM 100% BIODEGRADABLE MATERIAL:   Made from top quality organic bamboo wood The bamboo brush comes with many natural qualities which are beneficial to your hair. Naturally-occurring properties and resistance to odor are sure to benefit your hair , while remaining safe for the environment.
  2. MAKES HAIR HEALTHIER AND SHINIER:  shiny and smooth helps you to get ready for the morning! There is no need to spend endlessly combing your locks with a hairbrush made of wood with pins that give your hair a glossy look and lively!
  3. LESS STATIC MEANS LESS FRIZZY HAIR:  Keep your hair from becoming frizzy and causing it to become more tangled or edges to fly away! It’s a Bamboo Hair brush made of wood with pins is what you require to stop static electric charges from damaging your hair!
  4. HELPS MASSAGE YOUR SCALP:  With soft bamboo bristles that are evenly arranged on a foam base that is cushioned, you’ll love combing your hair since it gives a relaxing and soothing effect every time the point of the bristles comes into contact with your scalp.Bamboo 1Hairbrush and Comb 
  5. COMES IN A CUTE TRAVEL SET:Bamboo 1Hairbrush and Comb When you purchase this item, you won’t only get a hairbrush made of bamboo Additionally, you’ll receive a wide-tooth comb to untangle your hair. You also receive a free cotton drawstring bag that is stored in the cute craft box.