Castor Oil USDA Organic Cold-Pressed (16oz) 100% Pure


Scent   Castor
Brand   Sky Organics
Item Form   Oil
Product Benefits   Conditioning
Hair Type   Dry


Castor Oil USDA Organic Cold-Pressed (16oz) 100% Pure

  1. Contains: 1 x 16 oz. Bottle filled with USDA Organic, cold-pressed, 100 100% Pure Castor Oil by Sky Organics.
  2. 100% Pure and Cold-pressed: Sky Organics Pure, unrefined, 100% pure Castor Oil is free of extra ingredients, fragrance alcohols, preservatives, or fragrance.
  3. Moisturizing Oil for all hair types: Organic Castor Oil is an all-natural oil rich in fatty acids, which help nourish and moisturize the scalp, and help maintain healthy hair.
  4. Conditions Lashes and Brows:  that are Conditioned Help to maintain gorgeous, fuller-looking eyebrows and lashes by using Organic Castor Oil as a natural serum for eyelashes and eyebrows.
  5. Responsibly Made:  Responsibly Made Organic Castor Oil has been sustainably procured, USDA certified Organic, and is 100% vegan and non-vegetarian.Castor Oil USDA Organic Cold