Country Farms Super Green Drink, Berry Flavor, 10.6



  1. AWAY FROM THE GARDEN Do not become an unlucky statistic! The CDC informs us that just 1 out of 10 Americans consumes enough vegetables and fruits. Fortunately Country Farms Super Greens Berry Flavor blends the nutrition that promotes health with USDA Organic fresh fruits, vegetables, grasses, algae, berries, and superfoods into the convenience of powdered drink mixes.
  2. BOOST energy, immune health and Vitality – Thanks to the more than 50 USDA Organic whole food ingredients within each portion of Super Greens Berry flavor drink mix, you will discover the vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants and enzymes needed to promote overall health. It offers an alkalizing whole food mix that includes vegetables, fruits and probiotics, as well as greens and reds, which are essential for overall health.
  3. America’s Choice – Drink America’s top superfood drink mix to kick off your day to the best of your ability or to have a nutritious snack between meals. If you choose to use Super Greens, you’ll be supplementing your diet with an excellent USDA Organic, gluten free organic, non-GMO, whole food supplement that can help aid in achieving the best nutritional health.
  4. Superfood nutrition without the hassle of juicing – Enjoy tasty Berry flavor Country Farms Super Greens alone as a refreshing shake, or mix it into your favourite smoothie. This easy drink mix gives you the benefits of a diet that is based on farm-to-table without the mess or hassles of juice making!
  5. PROBIOTICS GREENS, PREBIOTICS, GRASSES AND MORE – In Country Farms Super Greens, you’ll get 20 servings within the 10.6-ounce bottle that is loaded of fifty USDA Organic superfoods, probiotics prebiotics, greens, and grasses. There are also the fiber content of 4 grams per serve!
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