Dr. Schulze’s New 2 SuperFood Plus – Vitamin and Mineral Herbal



  1. SUPERFOOD POWERHOUSE: contains 15 of the most potent superfoods. A single serving of SuperFood Plus delivers an unrivaled amount of vitamins that are rapidly absorbed and minerals. It also gives your body an extraordinary intake of nutrients and enzymes in one bottle.
  2. Increased energy: Fill every cell of your body with organic nutrient-rich minerals and vitamins that provide your body the most energy ever before with more than 1200 percent vitamin B12. SuperFood Plus is a natural balanced formula of the best nutrients-rich micro-plants, plants, and other foods available on earth.
  3. Additional Benefits: SuperFood Plus has numerous benefits that promote better overall health of your body. Powerful nutrition creates powerful health!
  4. Pure, potent, and tested Our collection of pure, potent and wild-harvested or organic ingredients is unparalleled with fifteen of the world’s most powerful superfoods that include wild-harvested spirulina alga organic blue-green algae and broken cell algae from chlorella, organic barley grass organic alfalfa grass organic wheat grass organic dulse seaweed, and a host of other.
  5. NATURAL REVOLUTIONARY Products: Dr. Schulze is among the leading authorities in herbal healing and natural healing. Her herb-based formulas, programs and herbal remedies are used by thousands of people in clinics across the globe with life-changing outcomes. These formulas do not contain sugar, soy, or whey and are vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free. They are also dairy-free.