DreamLily Women’s Fashion 3 Pcs Hawaiian White


Brand   DreamLily


DreamLily Women’s Fashion 3 Pcs Hawaiian White

  1. Material EVA. Three pieces. one Size 3 inches in size and 2 sizes 1.5 inches
  2. A perfect accessory for a summer dress, or for favors for a party! for special occasions or just every day wear
  3. Hawaiian hair Clip Pom Flower Plumeria One layer of white foam plumeria flowers on hair clip

How Can a DreamLily Foam Headband Benefit You?

A foam headband is a soft, cushioned headband that can be worn by athletes. These are most often worn when running, cycling, or participating in other activities that require high levels of physical exertion.

A foam headband can provide the following benefits:

– It reduces the risk of injury by absorbing shock and distributing it evenly across your skull.

– It keeps sweat from dripping into your eyes and allows you to focus on your performance without having to worry about it.DreamLily Women’s Fashion

– It keeps hair out of your face and ears, which prevents tangles and irritation.