Enzyme Science Critical Digestion 90 Capsules


Special Ingredients      B. subtilis strain DE111
Brand      Enzyme Science
Specific Uses For Product     Maximum Strength Digestive Enzyme Formula
Product Benefits     Fat, fiber, protein and carbohydrate digestion
Item Form     Capsule
Flavor     Unflavored
Material Feature     GMO Free, Vegetarian
Unit Count     90 Count


  1. SUPPORTS DIGESTION: Critical Digestion is an unbeatable formula that aids in the complete digestion process. These powerful enzyme blends are able to contain all the essential components of food to help support optimal breakdown, absorption of nutrients and energy boosting. 
  2. Support for healthy digestion: Critical Digestion provides the perfect digestive enzyme supplementation for those who require the best level of support for digestion. The enzymes are a major part of the body’s metabolic and digestive processes, which makes them crucial for overall wellness. 
  3. 3 BENEFITS IN ONE: Critical Digestion offers high-potency multi-enzyme digestive mix; an effective probiotic blend and AT Pro for energy-boosting. 
  4. Key Features: The key features are a high-potency digestive enzyme blend, as well as an probiotic blend that is 1 billion CFU/capsule designed for fiber, fat, protein and the digestion of carbohydrates. 
  5. AFFECTED ON QUALITY: Enzyme Science represents exceptional solutions for the health of your digestive system. We have unique enzyme blends that are designed to offer optimal solutions for overall health and wellbeing.