Eternal 100% Pure Acetone – Quick Professional Ultra


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Eternal 100% Pure Acetone – Quick Professional Ultra

  1. 100% Pure Acetone: Eternal Nail Polish Remover is 100% pure acetone that can be used for quick and simple at-home nail polish and manicure. It removes any type of polish in a matter of minutes. The formula works quickly and efficiently, eliminating even the most difficult polish, making your nails ready for the next manicure!
  2. There is no residue: It can remove nail glue and gel, as well as shellac glitter polish, nail polish, dark colors , and even artificial nails with ease and without drying the nails. They’ll be free of residue and free of all oily substances. Acetone for ever will leave your finger and toe nails ready for the next manicure or pedicure, you won’t have visit the salon in order to remove your manicure!
  3. It is simple to use It is easy to use: Moisten with a small cotton ball, and then apply pressure to the nail bed, pressing it from the cuticle to the nail tip then wipe clean and repeat as needed. Make use of cotton swabs for removing polish from areas that are difficult to remove. Acetone is also useful for other uses , such as cleaning or gentle solvent. They will be cleaned within a matter of minutes!
  4. Beware of applying to the skin with irritation: Do not apply to eyes or external application. If there is an accidental ingestion contact a doctor immediately. If irritation occurs, stop usage immediately.
  5. Ingredients: 100% pure Acetone, professionally designed, to be considered salon quality nail polish. The highest strength to ensure speedier and more efficient actions. We will take care of as well as protect your nail and keep you updated on the latest fashions to ensure a the most professional, long-lasting style.