Exfoliating Brush, Body Brush, Ingrown Hair, Razor 12



Exfoliating Brush, Body Brush, Ingrown Hair, Razor

  1. RAZOR BUMPS AND INGROWNS BE GONE – Are you tired of uncomfortable, embarrassing and Exfoliating irritated skin after shaving? Dynic’s ingrown hair brush can stop the razor bumps as well as ingrown hairs (scientifically called pseudo folliculitis bar bae) to stop them in their tracks!
  2. SILKY SMOOTH SKIN, JUST A BRUSH AWAY –Double the functionality Double the effect! Not just is Dyonic an low-cost, chemical-free, razor bump and ingrown hair treatment, it’s also an great exfoliation! Apply gentle pressure to problem areas or any other area to reveal smooth, glowing skin.
  3. EASY-TO-HOLD, ERGONOMIC GRIP –Dyonic fits so comfortably into the palm of your hand that it’s easy to think it was designed specifically for you. It is simple and comfortable to hold regardless of where you need relief from hair ingrown.
  4. LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK – We’re excited to see you feel more comfortable and confident in your skin today that you don’t need to worry about ugly red bumps constantly. If, for whatever reason you think that Dyonic doesn’t suit you, don’t worry about it. All purchases come with our 100 percent money-back assurance.


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