Eye Cream for Dark Circles Wrinkles Puffiness 11


Item Form   Cream
Use for   Eyes
Product Benefits   No Parabens, SLS, Gluten, PEGs, Fragrance
Specific Uses For Product   Fine Line, Wrinkles, Aging, Dark Circle, Puffiness, Dryness


Eye Cream for Dark Circles Wrinkles Puffiness

  1. Under-eye cream for women and men: A powerful skincare formula that will stop the signs of age and fatigue on your skin by smoothing it under the eyes, and reducing the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and crow’s feet. It also restores your magnificence unquestioned
  2. Powerful hydration: Skin dryness won’t be an issue as collagen and dimethicone will ensure long-lasting and sustained hydration for the skin epidermis during the day and night, giving you a younger appearance.
  3. Long-lasting effects: our cream for under-eyes do not stop at the immediate future, since a regular application over a long period of time will bring an obvious and rapid rejuvenation, increasing cell growth and essentially slowing the signs of ageing.Eye Cream for Dark Circles Wrinkles
  4. Safe and gentle nourishing: made from all natural sources SLS, paraben, SLS and gluten-free ingredients This cream delivers the most delicate and gentle care to all types of skin and is completely safe to use even on the areas that are most sensitive Eye Cream for Dark Circles Wrinkles
  5. Dispenser-equipped jar: in the event that you’re bored of stumbling over lids for jars every day We designed dispensers that are easy to take it off and forget about without ever checking it again or worrying about the contents drying out.Eye Cream for Dark Circles Wrinkles