Glycolic Acid 40% (Professional Chemical Peel) Pro


Brand    Divine Derriere

Scent      Neutral

Product Benefits     Fine Line Treatment, Softening

Active Ingredients      Glycolic Acid

Item Weight       1 Ounces


Glycolic Acid 40% (Professional Chemical Peel) Pro

  1. Glycolic Acid Face Peel increases collagen production, which reduces facial wrinkles and fine lines and hyperpigmentation of the skin through boosting cell renewal. The product contains as many as 20 peels for the face.
  2. Perfect for Blackheads, Breakouts Hyperpigmentation, Pores that are larger, Whiteheads, Sun Damage and oily skin types. Smooths out wrinkles and lines without visible peeling.
  3. Supports the natural turnover of cells. It helps stimulate collagen production. It helps to reduce sun skin discolorations, sun damage and acne scarring, which results in a more attractive appearance.
  4. helps to reduce the appearance of skin texture irregularities or other indicators of ageing. Perfect in the case of uneven complexion and spots that is caused by oily skin and sun damage kinds. A series of peels can help boost collagen production, and decrease the appearance of wrinkles hyperpigmentation and fine lines in the skin , by boosting the regeneration of cells. The new cells replace the older damaged ones for a healthier and more attractive complexion.
  5. Divine provides a 90-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No questions asked. Please read the entire description of the item to make sure you are getting the correct peel for your needs. Each batch will be given its individual lot number written on every bottle. Professional use – non-buffered (typical concentration of 1-10 percent).


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