Glycolic Acid Pads 35% for Face Body Glycolic Acid


Brand                        YAFUSIPE

Product Benefits           Exfoliating Anti Aging Anti Acne Dark Spot Corrector

Active Ingredients         Vitamin c, Glycolic acid

Skin Type                   All

Recommended Uses For Product       Smoother, Soothing, Acne, Cleansing, Exfoliating, Antioxidants, Fine Lines


Glycolic Acid Pads 35% for Face Body Glycolic Acid

  1. 35% GLYCOLIC ACID PEEL: Highly concentrated 35 glycolic acid peel at a whopping 35 percent to treat dark marks is efficient yet gentle enough for all types of skin that include dry, oily and dehydrated. With antioxidants and soft nutrients Our peeling pads to restore the balance of moisture and provide nourishment to the skin. Your face appears cleaner, smoother, and overall healthier. The pores appeared less enlarged.
  2. GENTLE SKIN RESURFACING PAD FOR FACE:  Glycolic acid Exfoliating pads gentle exfoliate skin and eliminate dirt from the surface of your skin, while decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as well as helping to naturally rejuvenate the appearance of your skin and enhance your appearance.
  3. GLYCOLIC ACID PADS for FACE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENT: Glylic acid peel contains 35 percent is rich in Vitamin B5, C&E, Green Tea, Calendula, Allantoin, and many more. Strong antioxidants that will keep your skin hydrated. Allantoin can soothe and protect your skin, while Green Tea and Calendula extract are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.Acid Pads
  4. EASY TO USE HYPERPIGMENTATION TREATMENT: Perform an initial test patch in the ear area or under the chin prior to applying for facial use. Follow the directions carefully on application and stop use immediately if there is any irritation or redness develops. Step 2: Apply one piece of exfoliation to clean your face, and then wait for 15 minutes. Then, wash your face. Then, continue your routine of skincare.
  5. AFFAIR EXFOLIATOR PACKAGE: We will receive the complete after-sales customer support. If you encounter any issues you have, contact us and a member of our team will respond promptly and fix the issue. This is the perfect Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Gift for Men and Women Acid Pads


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