Hair Brush, Sosoon Boar Bristle Paddle Hairbrush 02


Color   Wooden
Material   Boar
Hair Type   All
Product Benefits    Promote Hair Growth, Scalp Stimulation, Shine Enhancing, Detangle, Smoothing, Reduces Static Electricity, Anti-Breakage, Anti-Dandruff, Sectioning, Styling
Brand   Sosoon


Hair Brush, Sosoon Boar Bristle Paddle Hairbrush

  1. CARE FOR YOUR HAIR: Boar bristle brush, you can remove dirt, oil, dandruff, and dirt, creating beautiful, glossy hair. It can help reduce breakage in hair, seal split ends, and reduce frizz easily.It is able to perfectly gently massage your scalp and increase its stimulation in a safe way and remove pores, alleviate tension and relax muscles, improve blood flow to reduce hair loss, increase healthy scalp and hair growth.
  2. NATURAL CONDITIONER: scalps secretes sebum or oil each day. This is the most efficient organic leave-in conditioner to your hair. Pure boar bristle brushes aid in transfer hair oil/sebum from your scalp up to the hair’s tail as well as to smooth dry and frizzy hair and remove excess oil. It will keep your hair looking shiny and enhance hair texture.Hair Brush, Sosoon Boar Bristle
  3. HIGH QUALITY EXQUISITE CRAFT:  A stunningly caved wooden handle + Natural Boar Bristles and Handmade nylon Pins.The hand is composed from intricately carved wood that has been sanded.The longer, more rigid but elastic ball-tip nylon pins slide through thick and long hair effortlessly and give your scalp an ‘SPA’.The shorter , but long boar bristles that are 100% boar spread scalp oil evenly from the roots to the tips, preventing the scalp from getting greasy while dry ends.Hair Brush, Sosoon Boar Bristle
  4. EQUIP WITH A TAIL COMB: The tail comb is could not only be an comb, but it can also function as an effective shampoo cleaner. It is easy to separate hairs that are loose from the brush applying the tail end. Tail combs are ideal for backcombing, sectioning hair , and precise styling. It’s flexible enough to accommodate all your needs for styling. The wide tooth design can help reduce hair loss, which is ideal for curly or thick hair.
  5. SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: It doesn’t matter if you’re male or woman, adult or a kid regardless of whether your hair is thick, long thin, short thin, curly, or straight. Sosoon Hair Brush will perform well.It’s amazing craftsmanship and practical functions make it the perfect present for someone you love.We provide 24 hours of customer support. Feel free to contact us with any queries. We’ll make sure your issues are addressed.