Head and Shoulders Scalp Cream Treatment,Daily 44


Brand   Head & Shoulders
Scent   Coconut
Hair Type   Relaxed-textured-hair
Liquid Volume   5 Fluid Ounces
Item Weight   0.34 Pounds


Head and Shoulders Scalp Cream Treatment, Daily

  1. Royal Oils for the Head and Shoulders daily moisture scalp Cream helps restore balance and the health of your scalp (with frequent use)
  2. A light, absorbing formula for leave-in helps to moisturize the scalp and prevent dryness and itching (associated with the dandruff)
  3. Professionally designed scalp relief for the natural and relaxed and curly crowns
  4. Ideal for styles of protection with twists, locs and twists
  5. It is free of minerals, mineral oils, sulfurates or dyes