Heated Eyelash Curler, Portable 8 USB Rechargeable



Heated Eyelash Curler Portable USB Rechargeable

  1. Quick Preheating & Easy To Operate: Heated Curler employs nickel-chromium for the hasting wire. it is preheated in just 10 seconds to achieve the highest curling temperature. It can be used together with mascara to give the longest-lasting appearance. Create naturally curly eyelashes as well as make them appear more beautiful!
  2. Adjustable temperature and LED display: The heats eyelash curler comes with four different temperatures that are adjustable between 60/70/80/90. You are able to select the one that best suits how thick your eyelashes are. In addition the temperature is displayed via the LED screen. it is clear to see the temperature at present which is very useful.
  3. Safety Protection Design: Use the groove design, it fits the your lashes precisely. The groove will extend that distance between heating rod and your eyelid and play an important role in protecting your eyes, meaning you don’t need to be concerned about contact with your skin in usage and even burns.
  4. USB Charging and Portable: USB charging is simple and green and can be used with a variety of charging methods , such as car USB laptop, power bank or power adapter. It is fully charged in less than two hours. The electric eyelash curler weighs only a few pounds and is fashionable. It is easy to place it in your makeup bag and carry it around with you.
  5. Auto power off function: In the event that you fail to shut off your power it will stop working in the protective mode after 5 minutes. If you experience any difficulties when using your heated eyelash curler we can be reached anytime, and be sure to purchase.