HEETA 2-Pack Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush


Color   Green & Pink
Brand   HEETA
Material   Silicone, Plastic
Power Source   Manual operation
Product Benefits   Anti-Dandruff


HEETA 2-Pack Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

  • Ergonomics design: The gourd-like form is perfect for your palm. The groove design is simple to manipulate and hold the HEETA scalp exfoliator brushes firmly in the shower and it’s not easily slipped off. The three different sizes of bristles made from silicone will fit the shape of your head and cleanse your scalp as thoroughly as is possible
  • Multiple advantages:  Using HEETA scalp scrubbers at your home and in your shower can not just make your scalp and hair cleaner than ever before, but it will it will also massage your scalp to reduce itching, improve blood flow, reduce stress and promote hair growth. You will also experience the pleasure of a relaxing wash
  • Manual operation:  Waterproof suitable for all types of hairstyles. It doesn’t matter if your hair is thin or thick or long or short straight or curly dry or wet, even grooming pets Soft silicone bristles are able to easily wash the scalp and help strengthen the hair’s roots
  • Instead of nails:  The gentle and premium hairbrush won’t pull or tangle your hair. At it’s same time it can effectively clean your scalp using spikes that do not drag or scratch the skin, thus replacing finger operations and securing your gorgeous nails.HEETA 2-Pack Hair Scalp 
  •  perfect gift idea: The silicone brush is lightweight and convenient to carry around. It’s an essential item to have for travel and at home. You can pick one to gift to your loved ones and family members. For any queries or concerns, feel free to contact us.HEETA 2-Pack Hair Scalp