Herbal Hair Oil Mix of 21 Herbs for Thick Long Hair


Brand   Way4Organic
Scent   Herbal Flavor
Item Weight   0.33 Pounds
Item Form   Oil
Active Ingredients   21 Herbs for Hair Growth


Herbal Hair Oil for Thick Long Hair

  1. Hair OIL Mix:   21 hair Growth Herbs are utilized in this hair Oil Mix.
  2. How to use:  Put the bottles with the herbs and then fill the coconut oil completely to ensure that the herbs are submerged in the oil. Allow it to sit for a couple of hours before you begin using it. When the oil has reached half the bottle, you can refill the bottle by adding coconut oil. Do not allow the oil until it reaches the lower part inside the bottle.
  3. No Perfume:  There is no artificial fragrances employed. The hair Oil Mix will have earthy natural woody scent.
  4. Age group:  Anyone in the age group can benefit from the oil. It is suitable for both females and males. Regular use will produce a stunning results. Shelf life for the product is two years.
  5. Love it or get your money REFUND:   If you’re not completely happy with the order of the Herbal Hair Oil Mix for reasons beyond your control, please contact us and we’ll give you a refund on your purchase without need to ask!