Huachi Headbands for Women Twist Knotted 55


Color   Cozy Campfire
Size   8 Count (Pack of 1)
Material   Ribbed fabric
Brand   Huachi
Item Form   Wrap


Huachi Headbands for Women Twist Knotted

  1. [(Good High-Quality Hair Day Bands ) 90s Chic classic headband that has a twist knot designs for every outfit you wear. The hairband not only keeps it away from your face, but it also creates a striking fashion statement that creates a stylish look with charm and cute.Huachi Headbands for Women 
  2. [(Design and Material)  Simple and solid color makes these headbands beautiful and stylish. Ribbed knitting headbandsare soft flexible, non-slip and comfortable.Huachi Headbands for Women 
  3. [(Elastic Hairbands)  The headwraps are able to be stretched to 10.6″. It’s not too big or too loose! and doesn’t cause headache, which is a huge deal.Huachi Headbands for Women 
  4. [(Great to wear for any occasion)   Twist hairbands for turbans are great for everyday life, both outdoors and indoors, work out, beach, party and Weddings, Birthdays, Weddings and traveling. They do not just keep your hair stylish but also help keep your hair in fashion and wick sweat away!
  5. [(What You Receive)  8Pcs high-quality headbands that come in a variety of colors, to make sure that your headbands match your best outfits. This is the reason why our headbands have become very sought-after. Our return and replacement policy is simple: we offer a refund or replacement. We invite you to contact us.