I DEW CARE Sugar Kitten Peel- 1off Mask| Face Mask


Brand           I DEW CARE

Skin Type           Oily, Combination, Normal

Scent             Citrus Woody

Active Ingredients         Hyaluronic acid

Product Benefits          Exfoliating


I DEW CARE Sugar Kitten Peel-off Mask| Face Mask

  1. WHO IS I DEW CARE: Really Fun Skincare. We create fun and effective formulas that really perform. The K-beauty that makes you smile for him, her, them, and everyone.
  2. About Magic Kitten: Target your skincare concerns with our selfie-worthy kit! Our most-loved Magic Kitten collection comes in three variations to provide an amazing experience for your skin!
  3. Paint it on, PULL IT OFF: Peel-off exfoliating mask will help you unleash that inner star and to reveal a radiant complexion. Apply only to the T-zone. It comes in 85ml (2.87 fl 1 oz.) tub.
  4. DEEP EXFOLIATION: Formulated by combining various elements to assist in exfoliating the skin. With dead skin cells, blackheads and fine hairs removed skin appears more radiant after the use.
  5. EASY TO PEEL: Peel off the whole dried mask in one swift motion, leaving no any residue, for a hassle-free and relaxing skin care experience.
  6. Hero INGREDIENT Volcanic Ash and witch hazel make the perfect combination to cleanse skin while also absorbing impurities and reducing sebum. Other ingredients include diamond and topaz powder which helps to brighten skin.
  7. How to use: On clean, dry skin apply even layers of Mask (T-zone only) by using a device or your fingers. Apply for 20-30 mins and once the mask has dried start gently peeling off the the outer edges. Use 2-3x per week.


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