Jumbo Hair Curlers Rollers, Gikasa 24Pcs Big Hair


Size   Jumbo
Brand   Gikasa
Material   Stainless Steel
Hair Type   Curly


Jumbo Hair Curlers Rollers, Gikasa 24Pcs Big Hair

  1. WHAT YOU WILL GET:  What you will receive Gikasa hair curlers set includes 12 jumbo hair curlers in rose red as well as 12pcs of duck teeth bows made of stainless steel hair clips. The perfect sets of hair curlers for hair with long, short fine hair with a thin, fine texture.
  2. JUMBO SIZE HAIR ROLLER: These curlers have the jumbo size that measure 60mm in diameter which is an enormous size to allow you to create big, lively, salon-style curls. They’ll provide your hair with a beautiful volume by bouncing or curls
  3. MATCH WITH DUCKBILL CLIPS:  Set of self-holding rollers is equipped with the needed stainless steel duckbill clips to allow matching. This can assist you in achieving a more secure grip, and permit users to utilize it while cooking, running or exercising.Jumbo Hair Curlers Rollers,
  4. NEVER DO HARM TO YOUR HAIR: These 2.4inch Cling rollers are real curling hair tools. They are durable and safe. You can make your own hair at home, without the requirement for heat or chemical substances that can cause harm to hair
  5. A VARIETY OF HAIR STYLES:  The self-grip rollers are able to be used for a variety of hairstyles, such as curly hair waves or water hair wave body hair waves, and other hair styles. You can create any hairstyle you like by using this hairdressing set.Jumbo Hair Curlers Rollers,