Moisturizer 25 Loreal Paris Skincare Collagen Face


Item Form              Powder

Brand                   L’Oreal Paris

Product Benefits           Skin-Plumping Collagen. Intense Hydration. Smooths Wrinkles

Use For             Face

Special Ingredients       N/A


Moisturizer 25 Loreal Paris Skincare Collagen Face

  1. Day and Night Face Moisturizer: Gives skin daily doses of intense hydration. This assists in filling in the appearance of wrinkles and lines and restores moisture to give plumper, smoother skin.
  2. This light, non-greasy moisturizer provides hydration and moisture to all types of skin even sensitive skin. It absorbs quickly, without leaving an un-sticky film. This results in more hydrated, smoother and younger-looking skin.
  3. Proven Results: Overnight, the skin is nourished with moisture. Within a week of using this  for face, skin is smoother, and after 4 weeks wrinkles appear to be more filled in. Aluminum-Free, Dye-Free
  4. Replenish skin with Collagen: Provide your skin with an everyday dose of hydration with L’Oreal Paris anti-aging skin care such as face lotions or night eye creams or  with SPF. they give your skin the vital moisture that keeps your the skin in good shape
  5. Kickstart your routine: Cleanse first using Revitalift Derma Enhances 3.5 percent pure Glycolic Acid Gel Facial Cleanser treat the eye area by applying the Eye Defense Eye Cream and hydrate both at night and day by using collagen Moisture Filler Moisturizer


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