Majestic Pure Avocado Oil for Hair and Skin-100% Pure


Item Form   Oil
Specific Uses For Product   Dryness
Skin Type   All
Age Range (Description)   Adult


Majestic Pure Avocado Oil for Hair and Skin-100% Pure

  1. HEAD TO TOE MOISTURIZATION:  Avocado oil is versatile and is a great oil to provide nourishment to your hair, skin and nails. Ideal for use at home for making DIY skincare and hair recipe recipes for hair care.
  2. 100% PURE & NATURAL AVOCADO OIL: Majestic Avocado oil made from pure, cold-pressed, with no additives or diluting so you get the maximum benefits of avocado oil.
  3. HYDRATING MASSAGE OIL: Very hydrating and rapidly absorbs great for massages that relax while maintaining skin’s softness and moisture.Majestic Pure Avocado Oil
  4. GREAT CARRIER for ESSENTIAL OILS: It can serve to dilute the essential oil prior to applying essential oils to the skin.Majestic Pure Avocado Oil
  5. MAJESTIC PURE’S products are non-toxic and have not been test-driven on animal models. It is safe for all skin and hair kinds.Majestic Pure Avocado Oil