MEND Regenerate, Post Workout Muscle Recovery 1



  1. MUSCLE RESTORATION SUPPLEMENTS: Intense with whey protein complex minerals, vitamins, and amino acids essential to your body MENDs the growth of muscles post workout recovery drink that helps your body to repair and maintain, as well as build muscles more quickly.
  2. IMMUNITY SUPPORT MEND: Regenerate is a source of vitamins, including Vitamin C, Vitamins A D, E, and along with the B Vitamin complex that includes B6, B9 B12 as well as various B Vitamins. Selenium and other minerals also aid in the immune system.
  3. ADVANCED ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Protein Powder is packed with 33 essential nutrients which include HMB, assist in the flow of blood and muscle for athletes, giving them more endurance and better performance through reducing inflammation caused by oxidative stress, strengthening the microbiome of the gut and strengthening joints and bones.
  4. FOR THE LONG HAUL:  MEND Regenerate is a fantastic healthy-aging supplement that helps maintain strength and muscle for every stage of life
  5. GMP Certified Lab:  Produced in cGMP accredited labs MEND Regenerate has been tested and verified for purity, quality and safety