Mushroom Head Air Cushion CC Cream Foundation 85


Color   Natural
Coverage   Full
Skin Tone   All
Finish Type   Cream

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Mushroom Head Air Cushion CC Cream Foundation

  1. Natural makeup: A Mushroom Head Air -based head pillow BB creams can naturally conceal wrinkles such as fine lines, redness dark circles, and hidden pores, making a gorgeous natural, radiant, natural and natural foundation makeup. Make sure it is moisturized, cool and cool throughout the day.
  2. Easy Makeup:  The tiny Mushroom Head Air puff is incredibly elastic it expands and becomes softer after exposure to moisture. It is skin-friendly and portable and smooths fine lines. blends into the corner of the nostril, and other corners that are hidden, creating an even foundation across all directions. (Small mushrooms should be cleaned prior to use.)
  3. Plant skin care ingredients: It contains a wide range of skin care ingredients that are natural that include Centella  Asiatica extract, Tremella extract vitamin E, and more. When you apply makeup, it balances sebum levels, minimizes acne marks, spots, fine lines and also nourishes the skin.
  4. Strong moisturizing:  The Mushroom Head Air qualities of the liquid foundation will keep your skin feeling fresh and comfortable through the entire day. It gives a natural, hydrated appearance, and bright makeup effects. Let go of the embarrassment of floating powder and card powder.
  5. Long lasting concealer:   The BB cream foundation utilizes a skin-friendly elastic bionic material. The bionic film is soft and soft. It creates an smooth and even BB cream, resulting in an all-over coverage foundation. It brightens the skin, conceals the appearance of pores, blemishes as well as acne scars. It provides a 24 hour concealer effect that doesn’t block pores and is soft and comfortable.