Natural Massage Oil for Massage Therapy – Sensual 12


Brand      Maple Holistics

Scent       Tropical Flavored Massage Oil

Item Form     Oil


Natural Massage Oil for Massage Therapy – Sensual

  1. Sensual Massage Oil – Be sensual by using our relaxing massage oil designed for couples. It’s one of the top massage oil formulations that will alter your thoughts about the aromatherapy products for massage oils.
  2. Relaxing Massage Oil – Sit back and relax using our aromatic massage oil for massage therapy or in the bedroom for massage oil for couples for women and men looking to relax
  3. Moisturizing Body Oil Massage –  The oil for body massage is also natural body oils for dry skin. It also smells great. body oil suitable for both men and women. It’s also ideal for home spa products, or as a couple’s gift Natural Massage Oil for Massage 
  4. Natural Massage Oil – Go organic and enjoy our natural body oils designed for males and females made of sweet almond oil to treat skin Coconut oil for your skin as well as Pure Jojoba oil for the skin to provide 3X hydration benefits for your skin.Natural Massage Oil for Massage 
  5. Our Guarantee – We’re confident you’ll enjoy our muscle massage oil since it provides an exceptional level of hydration to skin care and will aid in setting the mood for a sensual experience due to aromatherapy oils


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