OGX Thick And 1 Full Biotin Collagen


Item Form   Liquid
Brand   OGX
Product Benefits  Shining
Specific Uses For Product   Dryness
Skin Type   All


OGX Thick And 1 Full Biotin Collagen

  1. INSTANTLY HELP NOURISH AND STRENGHTEN : all kinds that are dry or brittle colored hair, or damaged hair caused by brushing, styling or straightening using OGX Full and Thick Biotin Collagen Weightless healing Oil Treatment. Hair that is strong and healthy looks beautiful.
  2. BIOTIN, PROTEIN, COLLAGEN: Whatever kind of hair you have whether thick, fine frizzy, textured curly, fine or straight this oil treatment that is light made by vitamin B7 biotin and collagen, and wheat protein hydrolyzed to aid in smoothing and shining.OGX Thick And 1 Full Biotin Collagen
  3. BEAUTY PURE AND SIMPLE: The products for hair care from OGX are influenced by the natural world. We don’t strive to make your hair appear “perfect” because we’d rather create hair that looks more full, smoother and curlier. or bouncier, and smell delicious while doing it.OGX Thick And 1 Full Biotin Collagen
  4. ROCK WHAT YOU’VE GOT:  The OGX hair care products are specifically designed to highlight the best of your hair, regardless of the texture or type. You may require a hydrating drink for hair that is curly and protection for hair fall is colored blowout cream or matte pomade — we’ve got you covered.
  5. REAL QUALITY, REAL BEAUTY:  Looks that aren’t achievable don’t inspire us, but the idea of being original is what does. OGX skincare and hair collections are designed to make you look and feel the best! Pure and simple.OGX Thick And 1 Full Biotin Collagen