Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men,Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin


Brand   Optimum Nutrition
Product Benefits   Immune Support
Item Form   Discrete Subunit
Dosage Form  Tablet
Flavor   Tablets
Color   Men’s Multivitamin
Age Range (Description)   Adult
Item Weight   0.8 Pounds
Unit Count   240 Count
Item Dimensions LxWxH   3.19 x 3.19 x 6.14 inches


Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men,Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin

  1. Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc Support Immunity in conjunction with Vitamin E
  2. Multivitamin with high potency for men who are active. 75+ ingredients in four performance blends. 25 vitamins and essential minerals and 1 grams of amino acids. It also contains 1,500 IU of vitamin D
  3. We know that some users have complained of the product breaking after opti men tablets have been removed from their original containers and then placed into pill cases. It is completely safe for consumption. The reason for the crumbling is the excessive exposure to moisture within the air when it is placed in the pill-carrying cases. There are isolated instances of the pill breaking in the original bottle too. We are making adjustments to improve the durability of the tablet when it is stored in any container. There may be changes in the color of the tablet as a result.
  4. We suggest that the product is stored inside the container it came from, and kept in a dry, cool area. Make sure that the lid is tightly and don’t keep containers open for an extended period of time.
  5. Take 3 tablets daily along with meals
  6. The company also has an extremely popular opti women multi vitamin, which is a multi vitamin that is high in potency designed for women who are active.