Organic Amla Oil – Pure & Natural Hair Oil, Beard Oil 25


Scent   Unscented
Brand   Savage Organics
Item Form   Oil
Product Benefits   Amla oil soothes itchy scalp, nourishes hair follicles to encourage hair growth, shine and bounce
Hair Type   Normal, dry, itchy scalp, hair fall, grey hair


Organic Amla Oil – Pure & Natural Hair Oil, Beard Oil

  • PREMIUM QUALITY ORGANIC AMLA OIL: Amla oil is of top quality, pure and 100% natural. You can observe the quality in our 100% organic Amla oil inside our unique and gorgeous frosted bottle that shields the contents from UV rays , and permits you to view the Amla oil’s purity as well as its quality It is also free of chemical additives, synthetics, chemicals or scents. The Amla Oil organic is 100 100% pure, natural cold-pressed, certified organic and cold-pressed. It’s ethically sourced out of Amla forests in India to be delivered to you.
  • NATURAL AMLA HAIR OIL: Amla oil is used to nourish and replenish damaged hair for a long time throughout the Ayurvedic medical tradition, and it’s also known as Indian Gooseberry Oil. Amla oil can be described as an ayurvedic hair oil as well as a natural scalp and hair oil. Try Amla oil for a treatment for dry scalp and take note that it’s an excellent product for growing your hair naturally and conditioning. Amla oil works as ayurvedic shampoo and oil for the scalp that performs amazing as an oil for hair that is natural and conditioner.
  • AMLA MOISTURIZES HAIR AND SCALP: The organic Amla hair oil functions as a moisturizer for damaged or dry hair. Also, it’s an organic oil for the scalp that can help alleviate itchy or dry scalp. Amla oil is wonderful for use as an oil that can help with dry hair damaged by dryness and growth as well. The tannins and phenolics aid in darkening hair, reducing graying prematurely and also thicken the hair’s follicles.
  • STRENGTHENS & PROTECTS HAIR AND SUPPORTS HAIR GROWTH: Amla oil is an excellent healthy organic oil for hair growth as well as a oil for hair treatment as it moisturizes scalp and hair it also protects hair follicles from damage and shields them from stress such as hard or hot water. Oils for growth in hair assists get rid of excess oil buildup which allows hair follicles increase in size and thickness. The moisturizing and hydrating qualities from Amla the oil for growth help to promote hair growth that is healthier and healthier hair, soft, and shiny hair.Organic Amla Oil
  • AMLA BEARD OIL: Organic amla oil is an excellent beard oil for males and acts as a moisturizer, hydrator and oil for growing beards. Beards require hydration as well as stimulation of the follicles as do other hair types, so the use of Amla oil to grow your beard should be a part of your men’s beard oil strategy. Put a small amount Amla beard oil on your fingertips; rub into the skin beneath your beard. Apply the remaining Amla into your beard for optimal results.Organic Amla Oil