Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2 BHA Liquid Salicylic


Brand              Paula’s Choice
Scent                   Unscented
Product Benefits    Exfoliating
Active Ingredients  Salicylic acid, 2.0% Salicylic
Acid (BHA);  Green Tea Extract
Item Weight              0.09 Pounds


     Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid Salicylic

  1. GENTLE NON-ABRASIVE LEAVE-ON EXFOLIANT: with 2 with 2 BHA (Beta hydroxy acid) which helps unclog and minimize Perfecting pores, remove the dead cells of skin, soften wrinkles and even out and brighten skin complexion. Reduces wrinkles, redness, the signs of aging, pores that are enlarged, and blackheads. Packaging may vary.
  2. Improves the texture of skin for glowing, youthful and even-toned skin. Beta hydroxy acid (BHA also called salicylic acid) mimics the natural exfoliation process that occurs in younger skin, assisting it to shed extra layers while also unblocking and removing pores.
  3. HYDRATE, BRIGHTEN & SMOOTH FINE LINES: Our exclusive, non-abrasive leave-on exfoliant has a gentle texture that is suitable to use every day on all types of skin. Removes dead skin cells and cleansing pores to give an uniform tone. It also visible reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Paula’s Choice facial exfoliants are gentler on the delicate skin of the neck and face than abrasive facial scrubs that can result in micro-tears. The BHA leave-on exfoliator provides hydration and can also exfoliate directly within the pores, and help improve the way the pores work.
  5. Paula’s Choice Skincare makes products that are effective. No fragrance, no parabens, no fluff. Only effective, scientifically-backed formulas which target every issue including breakouts, wrinkles and wrinkles.


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