Philosophy the Micro Delivery,7 Resurfacing Peel


Brand           Philosophy

Scent          Philosophy The Micro Delivery Peel

Product Benefits           This two-step, in-home resurfacing vitamin C peel helps rejuvenate sun-damaged, hyperpigmented and aging skin

Active Ingredients          Lactic acid, Vitamin c, Salicylic acid

Item Weight         0.57 Pounds


Philosophy the Micro Delivery,7 Resurfacing Peel

The two-step resurfacing vitamin C peel resurfaces sun-damaged hyperpigmented skin while extending its youthful appearance.


This home-based, two-step Vitamin C peel for resurfacing can help rejuvenate sun-damaged hyperpigmented, wrinkled and aging skin.


Apply vitamin c/peptide crystals onto cleansed skin. Add lactic/salicylic acid gel . allow it to sit for a couple of minutes.

What is the Philosophy of the Microdelivery Peel?

The Microdelivery Peel is a revolutionary skin-care device that works like a microdermabrasion machine. It is an electric device that uses the power of low-level electrical current to exfoliate, stimulate, and cleanse the skin.philosophy

The philosophy of the Microdelivery Peel is to offer a safe and effective way to remove dead cells and stimulate collagen production, which helps with anti-aging.

The Microdelivery Peel can also be used as a facial massage device.



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