POPCHOSE Body Exfoliator Dry Brush, Skin Shower Brush 12


Brand        POPCHOSE

Color               Yellow

Skin Type           Dry

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POPCHOSE Body Exfoliator Dry Brush, Skin Shower Brush

  1. Renew & Recover Your Skin: Didn’t you know our exfoliating brushes reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and hair ingrowns? Whatever lotion you apply, your skin will still have this issue. The skin brush is able to diminish the signs of aging by stimulating circulation, which helps to replenish the cells of your skin and make the skin’s collagen production for a fresh, spruced-up skin.
  2. Exfoliating Muscle Massage: Body Exfoliator contains rubber nodules that offer the most relaxing massage for your muscles, a soothing relief, and instant relief. Dry brushes helps to reduce lymphatic and cellulite over the face’s skin. Ideal for myofacial and therapeutic release, stimulating circulation, encouraging lymph drainage and lymphatic flow.
  3. Body Brush for Cleansing: With the body scrub, it cleanse your skin and eliminate dead cells with ease. Clean pores will absorb the ingredients rich within your skincare products completely. The beauty brushes will ensure that you get an attractive appearance by cleansing your skin and exfoliating. The skin brush is useful for body wash brushes.
  4. High Quality: Bristles of Dry body brush is 100 100% natural and handcrafted. It is soft, hard medium, elastic never shed, deformable, and water resistant. It is also gentle to the skin and does not cause any injury. The strap that is anti-slip for the body brush gives an excellent grip, making it effortless to hold and simple to hang following usage.
  5. Wet Dry Brush:  A great option to make use of this shower exfoliator to dry brush for dry skin throughout the day to eliminate dead skin cells or hairs that have grown. It is an excellent option for SPA to incorporate essential oils to your brushing routine. The exfoliating brush will allow you to see the radiant skin underneath the surface to a great extent.


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