Quercetin 700mg, Zinc, Vitamin C & D3


Brand      Zenrenu
Item Form     Capsule
Specific Uses For Product     Immune Support
Item Dimensions LxWxH     2.5 x 2.5 x 4 inches
Unit Count      100.00 Count


Quercetin 700mg,  Immunity Booster

  1. Feel well and at ease knowing that you’re receiving the best immune support, no matter if you’re working to prevent illness or simply want to boost your body’s immune system so you’ll always feel you’re at your most optimal.
  2. IMMUNITY Powerhouse Immunity by Zenrenu contains a unique mix of Quercetin 700 mg, Zinc Picolinate 33mg, Vitamin C 400mg, D3 5000IU and Curcumin 200mg. It helps to boost immunity, combat free radical damage, and ensure that you and your family are healthy and strong.
  3. SYNERGISTIC FORMULA: Vitamin C enhances the efficiency of Quercetin and Quercetin aids in the transfer of Zinc into your cells , acting as an ionophore for zinc. VITAMIN D can be the nutrient that provides the basis for supporting our immune system. It is enhanced by Curcumin to help with inflammation and support for oxidation
  4. 50-DAY SUPPLY. Take your daily immune system defense supplement in one bottle instead of 6 bottles. Simply consume 2 of our vegetarian capsules daily and begin strengthening your immune system as well as your respiratory system and feeling more confident about your well-being.
  5. DOUBLE Lab tested – We believe you deserve the finest quality food and drink available. The first step is to check the quality of the raw materials, and after that we test the final product to verify the purity and authenticity. Our Vitamins for Immunity are made within the USA in a GMP-compliant manufacturing facility.