Shark HD112BRN Hair Blow Dryer HyperAIR Fast-Drying


Hair Type   All, Dry, Straight
Model Name   Shark HD112BRN
Color   Stone
Brand   Shark
Item Dimensions LxWxH   4.92 x 2.95 x 11.02 inches


Shark HD112BRN Hair Blow Dryer HyperAIR Fast-Drying

  1. ULTRA-FAST DRYING: Technology is a clever way to combine high-speed heated air with Ionized air to achieve extremely fast drying without harm to heat.
  2. NO HEAT DAMAGE:  Smart temperature control can measure outlets with at up to 1000 times per second which ensures uniform temperature and even distribution of air to ensure even drying. You don’t need to be concerned about damage from extreme heat.
  3. STYLES THAT LAST:  ADVANCED AIRFLOW and HEAT settings from HyperAIR will ensure that your clothes last throughout the day. HyperAIR has two optical sensors that automatically recognize styles and then intelligently adjust temperatures and airflow settings.Shark HD112BRN Hair Blow Dryer
  4. NEGATIVE ION GENERATOR:  Enhances the smoothness and shine, while reducing Frizz and flying away (vs. drying with air).
  5. POWER AND VERSATILITY FOR EVERY HAIR TYPE:   A powerful and fast-drying hair dryers for curly, straight, wavy and curly hair.Shark HD112BRN Hair Blow Dryer
  6. COOL SHOT BUTTON:  Aids in closing the cuticle and smooth hair after styling to create a silky hair with a frizz-free, smooth finish.
  7. ADJUSTABLE HEAT AND AIRFLOW SETTINGS:   The 3 settings for airflow and heat can be adjusted by hand, adjusting them to low, medium and high, depending on the setting you prefer.
  1. IQ 2-IN-1 CONCENTRATOR:   Connect your Shark HyperAIR to dry and style your hair with fewer steps.
  2. IQ STYLING BRUSH:  Clip the brush to Shark HyperAIR, which will dry smooth, straighten and shine at once.
  3. WHAT’S INCLUDED:   Shark HyperAIR, IQ 2-in-1 Concentrator, the IQ Styling Brush and Small Cleaning Brush