TRESemmé Conditioner for Dry Hair Moisture 22


Brand   TRESemmé
Scent   Unscented
Hair Type   Dry, Damaged
Liquid Volume   433.42 Cubic Inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH   8.93 x 4.99 x 9.73 inches


TRESemmé Conditioner for Dry Hair Moisture

  1. REVIVE DRY, DAMAGED HAIR: TRESemme Moisture rich Conditioner hair care treatment for dry hair provides optimal hydration and reduces drying and keeps moisture wherever your hair is most in need of it.
  2. RESTORE VIBRANCY: This light conditioner for moisturizing is made with biotin and vitamin E to soften hair, without adding weight to it.TRESemmé Conditioner
  3. ADVANCED MOISTURIZING SYSTEM: Our conditioner for moisturizing delivers targeted hydration to combat dryness at the areas that your hair needs it the most TRESemmé Conditioner
  4. CONDITIONER THAT DELIVERS: TRESemme helps revive dry hair and revives vibrancy by delivering gentle moisturizers that provide soft hair that shines professional and lasts for days
  5. MORE THAN HAIR PRODUCTS: TRESemme is committed to developing our next female leader generation by establishing an intentional movement forward. Learn more about the ways No.WomenLeadTheWay