Tylenol 8 Hour New Muscle Aches Pain Acetaminophen


Brand     Tylenol
Specific Uses For Product     Muscle & Joint Pain Relief, Pain Relief
Item Form     Tablet
Age Range (Description)    Adults and children 12 years and over
Unit Count     100 Count


  • 100-count container of Tylenol 8-hour Acetaminophen and Muscle Aches Tablets for temporary relief for joints, muscle and body discomforts and aches. It also helps aid in reducing the symptoms of fever.
  • Each tablet has an acetaminophen dose of 650 mg and has two distinct layers. The first one is quick-acting while the second lasts long for effective minor joint pain, minor muscle pain and arthritis that performs as well as you can.
  • This pain reliever medication for the mouth assists in relieving minor body pains and aches that can cause pain and discomfort. You are able to get rid of muscles and joint pains and get back to your normal routine by reducing pain like you can.
  • These tablets are suitable for adults as well as children twelve years or older. They are extremely safe when used in accordance with the directions
  • Get fast-acting relief and relief of muscle knee joint,