TYMO 1Ring Pink Hair Straightener Brush – Hair


Hair Type   All
Size   6 Piece Set
Color   Sakura Pink
Brand   TYMO
Material   Plastic


TYMO 1Ring Pink Hair Straightener Brush – Hair

  1. The sakura pink wake up your vitality: Tymo rings are specially designed to create distinctive sakura pink that is perfect for summer and spring hairstyles that makes you feel as if you’re under the cherry trees of Tokyo. Find your inner beauty in a limited-edition Sakura pink, show your courage this season and make an enthralling summer style and awaken your energy and live your best life using Tymo hair straightener brush. let your best side shine!
  2. Straight and beautiful hair with 3D denser teeth and 3D teeth:  Tymo hair straightener ring uses a 3D tooth design to help straighten the hair’s root to achieve a straight hair style. 2Denser pitches – In contrast to the other bristle brush, this 0.09-inch denser pitch is a boost to the area of contact between tooth and the hair. This which ensures that the hair is heated and sealed to the surface of the teeth and straightening your hair to perfection.
  3. Shiny, sleek hair with an Ionic coating:  Tymo upgraded hair straightener uses Ionic coating over the surface of the heater to make hair looking healthy and shiny. When you style your hair there will be millions of them released by the heat and create the hair with a protective layer that reduces the damage caused by thermal radiation to hair. The ionic boost can heal split hair, damaged hair as well as helping to create straight hair that is not frizzy.
  4. Get half the time back with speedy heat and large surface 1PTC heat tech: TYMO hair straightener uses the PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heating technology, rapidly heating up to 350°F in 20 minutes. 220% more heat area With the greater heat area, more hair will be in the comb and heat quickly and evenly with a single comb, significantly reducing the time spent styling. Perfect for morning rush to get ready,TYMO 1Ring Pink Hair and quick clean up prior to leaving.TYMO 1Ring Pink Hair 
  5. Safety protection through anti-scald and auto-off Anti-scald: TYMO the patented V-shape, flame-retardant plastic frame shields you from any angle. 2Auto-off The comb turns off within 30 mins to ensure the safety of the family and you.TYMO 1Ring Pink Hair