Vitamin C Cleanser – Anti Aging Face Wash & Exfoliating 22


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Vitamin C Cleanser – Anti Aging Face Wash & Exfoliating

  1. 89% of customers reported that they experienced a general improvement in their skin after the use of this product.
  2. Prevent Signs of Aging –The exfoliating face wash we offer is composed of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that improves the appearance, tone and tightens the skin, as well as boosting collagen production. By doing this, the Vitamin C Face Wash helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and signs of aging skin. This gentle cleanser helps promote cell turnover in order to reduce dark spots, and improves the complexion’s overall tone and texture. With daily use, our anti aging  can keep your skin looking healthy & young.
  3. Banish Breakouts – This Vitamin C Face  can be the ideal face wash for people with excessive oil, dry or sensitive skin that want to reduce and eliminate blemishes and pimples. The three-action cleansing exfoliating and nourishing qualities of this face wash makes it a powerful deep-pore cleanser as well as exfoliating wash which removes dirt from the skin and can lead to blackheads and clogged pores. Make use of this Vitamin C Facial Cleanser to get clean, smooth, and healthy skin.
  4. Brighten & Tone – Our natural cleanser for the face is a face wash that brightens that helps correct hyperpigmentation to achieve a more uniform skin color. Vitamin C found in our gentle facial cleanser will brighten and smooth the skin to give it glowing skin that is healthy. This is an excellent facial wash for women as well as mens face wash that can be used both morning or at evening to cleanse and smooth your skin to give it a more radiant complexion . No filter is required! Keep your skin looking healthy by using this moisturizing face cleanser and brightening wash.
  5. Clean & Cleanse – Our facial cleanser deep with vitamin C is an excellent natural product that can be used with the makeup remover you use to cleanse any the remaining makeup or dirt from the face to give it an all-encompassing clean. This Vitamin C cleanser for the face makes a wonderful supplement to a double cleanse routine. Begin with a facial cleansing balm or oil, like Our Rose Cleansing Makeup Balm, to dissolve the product onto the skin. Rinse thoroughly with water and apply Vitamin C Face Wash to a creamy lather and massage it into the skin to eliminate any remaining dirt.


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