6 Most Common Weight Loss Techniques For Overweight People

Weight Loss Putting on a few pounds here and there could be normal but sometimes you start accumulating more and more fat mainly around your belly or hip region. Being overweight can harm your self-esteem and if the situation worsens it may also lead to some serious health problems.

So if you are also gaining weight it is time to take a closer look at the things that could be the underlying reason for a sudden or regular weight gain. There could be many contributing factors to this. Some of the most likely reasons for gaining weight over a period of time and possible fix to lose weight.

Weight Loss Techniques

Lack of Physical Activity

With the advancement of technology we are getting more and more addicted to comfort and have started following a sedentary lifestyle. Everything we need in the world, we can easily get at our doorstep from groceries items to other household stuff. Moreover, most people don’t take some time out and go out for activities like sports, gym, etc. As a result, they keep putting on weight and become overweight.

How to fix it: Your body is just like any other machine but one of the good things about your body is that it becomes more efficient if you try to push it a bit. One of the best ways to be physically active is to go out of your home often to do your grocery shopping. Also, make jogging or aerobics a regular part of your life for a healthy weight loss. If you are one of those who are not interested in all this then you may indulge in some sports activity that you love it may be swimming, playing sports like badminton, volleyball, etc.

Weight Loss Physical Activity

Hormonal Imbalance

If you have tried enough with all the weight control methods and have not got any success so far then it is better to visit a doctor.  If your doctor suggests, get your insulin levels checked as it might be a condition of hypothyroidism in which the thyroid glands in your body don’t produce enough hormone. This usually leads to a slower metabolism which in turn is responsible for weight gain.

How to fix it: The most efficient way to tackle this situation is to start eating a low-carb weight loss diet with less added sugars and also make regular exercise a part of your daily routine. Make an effort to do weight loss exercises daily for at least 20-25 minutes, regular jogging in the morning is the best exercise to lose weight. Apart from this, doing some aerobics exercises and yoga helps keep hormonal secretions in check and aids in losing weight and staying fit. 

Weight Loss Low Carb Diet

Excessive Stress and Exertion

If you often remain stressed out due to your office work or other life situations then it could be a major contributing factor to putting on that extra weight. The stress results in over or under secretions of certain hormones that may have a cascading effect on your metabolic activities due to which a person may become obese.

It has been observed that stress causes over secretion of hormones like cortisol and ghrelin which increase your appetite and your body crave more and more food. The final outcome is your body gaining those extra pounds.

How to fix it: One of the first and foremost things to tackle stress levels is to ensure that your mind and body get proper rest so that it remains fresh and active throughout the day. Keep all your electronic items like your phone, laptop, and iPad at a distance when you plan to go to sleep. Also, make sure you finish your dinner at least two hours before going to bed. The metabolic activity in your body slows down when you are fast asleep and your body is not able to digest the food so having your dinner timely can be a very effective way to lose weight.

Doing mediation and yoga also calms your mind and keeps your stress levels down. So make sure to include it in the daily routine of your life and above all stay positive.

Weight Loss Avoid stress

Over Eating

Eating more carbs than your body demands is one of the major reasons for weight gain. Some people have a habit to keep on munching when they feel bored or have nothing to do. Now, this becomes a habit over a period of time and your body also starts craving for more.  Also, people who often go outside for a casual dine out or a party end up more than the body demands which is another reason for more calorie intake.

How to fix it: The amount of food the body requires differs from person to person. It depends on various factors like the type of work one has to perform, a person who has to sit on his computer screen throughout his day would definitely require fewer calories than the one who is involved in physical labor. The other important factor is the metabolism activity of a person, two different people may require a different amount of calories or food intake to do the same amount of work. So you need to observe how much food your body demands. Try out and explore some weight loss foods rich in fiber and all other necessary ingredients.

Weight Loss - Avoid Overeating

Lack of Discipline

Many people tend to overlook the importance of having the right meal at the right time. You might have a habit of sleeping late at night or at wee hours due to odd office shifts or lack of discipline. Your digestion system works well only if you eat healthily and have a proper gap between the foods you consume so that your body gets enough time to digest the food.

How to fix it: Our body functions to its maximum potential when it has enough fuel to carry out different activities it needs to perform throughout the day. It is always recommended to have a good breakfast with a good amount of calories to keep you going throughout the day. Your lunch should be light so that you don’t feel dull and lethargic during the second half of the day. Also, the dinner should not be packed with too many calories that your body cannot digest when you are fast asleep. So plan your weight loss diet that helps in reducing belly fat in an efficient manner.

Weight Loss - Bring Self Discipline

High Calorie Intake

A food that is high in calories may decrease the efficiency of both your mind and body. High calorie food makes your body lethargic if you do not have enough activity to perform. It also makes your mind dull and less efficient.

How to fix it: If you are conscious about your health then it is important that you plan your meals carefully. Avoids juices and drinks that have high sugar content. Prefer food that is rich in fiber and has fewer carbohydrates and fat content. Include fresh vegetables and fruits into your weight loss diet so that your body gets the necessary nutrients it requires without putting on any unnecessary fat.

Weight Loss - Avoid High Calorie Food

Final Takeaway

Many health problems like high blood pressure, high sugar levels, and many other chronic diseases are now associated with extra weight so it becomes all the more important to lose unnecessary weight that your body has. An obese person is more susceptible to these conditions as compared to a person with a healthy BMI or Body Mass Index. So in order to keep yourself in shape, maintaining a healthy BMI index is important. After all, you can enjoy your life to the fullest only when your mind and body are in a good state and healthy.